Fractional Properties

For 31 years, owners and members of private residence clubs, destination clubs, and fractionally-owned luxury properties have been enjoying fabulous accommodations worldwide via "Trade to Travel" (TTT).

We are the exchange for owners of vacation homes, yachts, villas, chalets, castles, estates, boutique hotels, spas, penthouses and private islands. Members host their fellow members in exchange for TTT points which they use to save 90% each time we arrange accommodations for them.

Virgin Airlines' Voyeur magazine called "Trade to Travel" a trend that will change the way people travel and said, "Swaps with Trade to Travel are on everyone's wish list."

The Editor of Elite Traveler magazine, said TTT is the biggest news in the luxury travel industry since the advent of destination clubs. But TTT wasn't born after destination clubs. It was born before them. The founder of the first destination club, Private Retreats, partnered with TTT so that members of Private Retreats could enjoy our members' properties and vice versa. Today we partner with destination clubs and private residence clubs around the globe.

If your fractional property or club does not currently offer complimentary membership in Trade to Travel, please ask them to contact us. We add unique value and unparalleled benefits to fractional ownership offerings. Via TTT, the key to your vacation property opens the doors of thousands of properties around the globe.

Each time we arrange accommodations for members, our exchange fee is 10% of the rental vale or rack rate. No money changes hands between hosts and guests, except perhaps a nominal cleaning fee or charges for incidentals, amenities, additional services, etc. Members host their fellow members as frequently or infrequently as they wish. All we ask is that each member host at least one high season week each year.

View the videos of "Fractional Summit Europe" in London and "Fractional Summit USA" in Miami. Our president, Leah Hardy-Powell, spoke at both summits on the value of exchange and rentals to fractional properties and developments, private residence clubs, and destination clubs (there are clips of her in both videos).